Department of strategy and optimizing business processes

  Department for Strategy and Optimizing Business Processes is a component of the Center for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies in Public Education.

    The main objectives and aims of the department:

  • development and implementation of unified state policy for the development of information and communication technologies (hereinafter - ICT) in the field of public education;
  • identification of priorities and main goals for the development of the Center’s activities in the short and long term;
  • development and provision of regulatory documents in strategic planning to the management of the Center;
  • study and analysis of existing processes, as well as the development of proposals;
  • preparation of proposals for the optimization, improvement, and implementation of innovative mechanisms for managing business processes;
  • ensuring, in accordance with the strategic objectives, the required level of efficiency and quality of business processes through their regulation, optimization, and control of key parameters;
  • tasks for the development, regulation, and optimization of business processes in accordance with the strategic plans and functions of the Center, project plans;
  • execution of long-term and annual plans and forecasts for the optimization of core business processes in order to achieve proper managerial, social and economic effect;
  • performing other functions and duties within the authority of the department.

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