Department of innovation and project coordination

Department of innovation and project coordination is a component of the Center for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies in Public Education.

The department conducts the following actions so as to improve and reform the education system, and manifest the government policy in this sphere:

  • participating in creating special coordinating institutions and groups that involve members of different institutions who participate in different stages of innovations
  • controlling the system of reports that consists of documents showing the results of the projects of the departments of inspecting checkpoints and maintaining the transparency of reports for all heads of the departments
  • managing administrative information system, controls the progress of the projects. Summarizing the names, goals, and responsibilities of specialized systems for presentation and analysis of particular information.
  • maintaining a high intensity of planned communications
  • coordinating the works of developers and executors of the project in two stages, firstly of the developers and then of the of in the innovative operations of the department.
  • participating in developing concepts, strategies, and programs for improving ICT in the public education system.

The department is responsible for on-time execution of the tasks that it is responsible for. Failure to do so results in the prosecution according to the laws and internal rules of the center.

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